Medicaid Super Wavier Hearing

On June 18th, 2012 a public hearing was held at Bronx Community College to gather public comment on the proposed 1115 waiver. The “super-waiver” comes on the heels of massive cuts to the Medicaid budget in 2011 as part of Governor Cuomo’s Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) process. The MRT – a 27-member team with very little consumer or public health representation – cut $2.2 billion dollars from the Medicaid budget – many of these cuts falling on the backs of low income communities of color and immigrant communities already struggling to access health care in their neighborhoods.

The super-waiver rewards these cost saving measures – and SOS-C believes that it is only fair that this money goes towards bolstering the health care safety net and adopting reforms that will help to eliminate health disparities. 

SOS-C coalition members came out in full force to testify on behalf of our priorities which include:

  • Explicitly addressing health disparities in the wavier proposal 
  • Improving the process so that it is accessible to all – including folks with disabilities, limited English proficient populations, working families, etc. 
  • Focus on safety net providers and Vital Access Provider dollars
  • Not using Brooklyn redesign process as a model for similar communities across the state.

Once again, New York has the opportunity to channel funds towards reforms and initiatives that will bolster the health care safety net. This will prove cost-saving and life-saving for many years to come.  We urge all to get involved now as the waiver plan is being formulated. More information on community engagement can be found at this link. 

Click here to read SOS-C talking points for the super-waiver public hearing. 


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