MRT Ethics Complaint & NYSNA Says “Go Slower”

Two interesting news items were released today in response to the Medicaid redesign process.

The first comes from the Center for Justice and Democracy, a national consumer organization dedicated to protecting the civil justice system. Earlier today they submitted a complaint with the New York State Commission on Public Integrity, asking for an investigation of four Medicaid Redesign Team members. The members they named are:

  • Jeffery Sachs (paid hospital and health care consultant)
  • Michael Dowling (President/CEO, North Shore LIJ)
  • Kenneth Raske (President, Greater New York Hospital Association)
  • Dan Sist0 (President, Healthcare Association of New York State)

All of the above are employed by institutions that will financially benefit from Proposal #131 of Medicaid redesign – which will limit and modify the way that infant victims and their families will be compensated by medical malpractice.

Click here to read the full complaint.

The second item of note comes from the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) who launched an ad campaign today promoting a new, slower approach to Medicaid redesign. Last week, they released a statement expressing their concern that New York’s already fragile health care system will not be able to handle the proposed $2.3 billion of immediate cuts to Medicaid. Instead they call for a more thoughtful approach that will result in long-term solutions. They are utilizing advertisements (like the one pictured below) to spread their message.

You can follow their ad-campaign at


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